Art Every Day Month – Day 22

winter moon - art every day month 08 - day 22

“Winter Moon” / 7×10″ sketch paper with watercolor and oil pastel

This was an experiment, and I’m not entirely satisfied with the result, but that’s all I’ve got time for today.

This morning we went to Rick’s Cafe in Los Altos for breakfast with Claire’s other two play buddies and their parents. The food was yummy, and we all had fun. Then we went home and took a two hour nap. This evening Husband and I are going on a date! Our recently hired babysitter will come by after Claire goes to bed. We’re not sure what we’ll do. Probably go to a late movie.

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One Comment on “Art Every Day Month – Day 22”

  1. leah Says:

    i really like it, kathryn. it’s very peaceful.

    hope you had a great date!!