Art Every Day Month – Day 21

I’ve got a child who wants to get out of her crib! But I am selfish and am stealing a few minutes to post this. Have a great day!

let the sun shine - art every day month 08 - day 21

“Let the Sun Shine” / 7×10″ sketch paper with ink and watercolor

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4 Comments on “Art Every Day Month – Day 21”

  1. Jen* Says:


    I came to your site via Creative Everyday….I am happy you took the moments to post this art. I love the detail and the swirly lines. This makes me want to grab a black pen and start doodling…thank you for the inspiration!

  2. autumn Says:

    VERY cool!

  3. Carol Cooper Says:

    Oh your sunshine is soooooo alive!! Look at all those wonderful swirlies and curlies. I just turned my head to the left and the sun rays have now become trees embedded in the earth. Amazing work!! Thank you for sharing :o)

  4. marta Says:

    This is one of my favs. You seem to have found something here.