Art Every Day Month – Day 20

Contentment costs little these days. I wish I had the time and energy to begin more ambitious projects (I drool over Leah’s daily output), but I’m also really pleased with what I’m doing this year. Some day, soon enough, I’ll make big messes again.

shells - art every day month 08 - day 20

“Seashells” / 7×10″ sketch paper with ink and watercolor

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7 Comments on “Art Every Day Month – Day 20”

  1. jennlui Says:

    beautiful seashells! i totally hear you about wanting to get to more ambitious projects requiring more time and energy. my daughter is 16 months and i really don’t get the time in i need for my larger canvas pieces. but like you i know they’ll come a time when i have that freedom again. right now i’m enjoying the time in my daughter life where she needs my attention almost every second of the day!!! it sure won’t be like that forever!!!

    have a lovely day!

  2. jennlui Says:

    beautiful seashells!!!

    i totally hear you about not having the time or energy to give to more ambitious projects… i would love to have that time for my larger canvas pieces. my 16 months old daughter takes up most of my days and well you know how that is. no time, no energy. but like you i know that they’ll come a time where i’ll have some of my creative freedom back… but right now i’m enjoying the time in my daughter’s life where she needs every second of my attention! cause i know it won’t always be that way!!!

    have a lovely day!!!

  3. jennlui Says:

    oh oh! so sorry to have posted two comments! i had wrote the first and then thought i had lost it… so wrote a second…

  4. Carol Cooper Says:

    Hi Kathryn, oh my, such wonderful details on your seashells, amazing!! and I love the soft pink background too! Thanks for sharing your creativity! :o)

  5. leah Says:

    i have to say, i totally love what you’ve been doing this year, kathryn!

    and i can’t imagine how hard it must be to fit in art-making when you’ve got a little one to care for, so i give you all the credit in the world. i agree, you’ll be able to make bigger messes soon enough. 🙂

  6. tammy vitale Says:

    I came over from AEM – these are great! I especially like the spiral one – it has so much energy (and such tiny detail. I just don’t do tiny detail and I love to see it in others’ work).

  7. Carin.c Says:

    Oooh. I love seashells… they’ve been on my mind lately too. Very nice drawings!