Art Every Day Month – Day 19

This is how I sometimes amuse my Little Eclaire in the late afternoon before daddy comes home. She knows and can say the names of all these things except the purple fuzzy creature.

doodles to amuse my daughter - art every day month 08 - day 19

“Doodles To Amuse My Daughter” / 8×10″ sketch paper with crayon

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2 Comments on “Art Every Day Month – Day 19”

  1. Carin.c Says:

    Ha! I have drawing pads full of these same type of doodles for my son when he was just a bit younger. Now at 4 all he wants me to draw is trains.

  2. jennlui Says:

    hi there! visiting you from aedm. i LOVE love love your doodles!!! especially the elephant… if you check my blog out, you’ll see i’m kind of obsessed with elephants…i love to draw for my little daughter, i draw animals and dolls on carstock and cut them out for her to play, she just loves it!

    thanks so much for sharing!!! have a fabulous day!