Art Every Day Month – Day 8

This week’s theme for Illustration Friday is wise, and owls were my first thought. Claire adores owls and loves to say the word, though she has yet to catch on what they say (who? who?). So here is my attempt at drawing a barred owl. Owls have such improbable faces.

wise - art every day month 08 - day 8

“Wise” / 7×10″ sketch paper with pencil

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7 Comments on “Art Every Day Month – Day 8”

  1. louisa Says:

    Hi1 I just discovered your blog through Art Every Day!
    The owl illustration is wonderful! Birds are notoriously difficult to draw and you’ve done a great job. I can even feel the weight of his body on the branch! Super!

  2. tammy vitale Says:

    (came over from AEM) – owls are wonderful critters – and so hard to draw because of their “improbable faces.” What a great job you did!

  3. Digital Scott Says:

    Very nice owl!!! Terrific.

  4. lkd Says:

    I was lucky enough to see a barred owl once on a grey autumn afternoon perched on a tree downed by a windstorm meticulously devouring a squirrel.

    It was terrible and beautiful.

  5. Karen Maezen Miller Says:

    I love your expression: improbable face. No face you’d expect. No face to find. Perhaps the whole of her is the face.

  6. Cecilia Levy Says:

    sweet charming owl!

  7. willie Says:

    Good for you for doing art every day! Inspiring!