I’m One Of The Lucky Ones

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Unfortunately the camera didn’t focus properly when Husband took this photo. The composition is perfect, the poses and smiles capture a moment of happy synchronicity. Just pretend the fuzziness is a result of viewing the photo with tear-blurred eyes (tears of joy, of course).

My mother was only 20 years old when her mother died at age 56 of breast cancer. My mother was married and living in Texas (my father was in training in the Army there); she did not get to spend time with her mother in that last year of her life.

Mom went on to have four children with the nearest immediate family living 150 miles away, in an age when using the telephone long distance was expensive. There was no such thing as email. Money was not overly plentiful, so trips to see family were not frequent events. Somehow she had the emotional fortitude to make a life for us: nightly dinners, handmade clothing, decorating for holidays, nursing our illnesses, washing, cleaning, marketing on a budget, introducing us to books and libraries, songs, and so much more. She always imagined she would become a grandmother. After 44 years it happened, and because of some health challenges, it was 45 years before she got to be with her beautiful, lively granddaughter. But at last it happened.

Taking care of a busy little child meant that our conversations were broken and scattered. We did not have any private mother-daughter time. However, the last day of the visit she pulled me against her as we sat on the sofa, and I sank into her gentle body. We all talked as I leaned against her, and she patted my arm as only a mother can. I couldn’t keep the tears back, but I tried to be quiet and discreet as I wiped my eyes.

As I drove to the airport, we held hands. And we hugged and kissed at the terminal.

She has the softest skin, my mother.

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7 Comments on “I’m One Of The Lucky Ones”

  1. Imelda / GreenishLady Says:

    Oh, Kathryn, you are a lucky one. This had me in tears. You, Claire and your Mum – all so lucky to have had that precious time, those precious moments together. Beautiful.

  2. Karen Says:

    It’s your skin, beauty.

  3. gerry rosser Says:

    And now I’m wiping my eyes.

  4. Alison Says:

    me too…you worded this so beautifully…I’m so happy your mom got her wish 🙂

  5. Liora Says:

    Kathryn, you are one of the lucky ones. It is a beautiful photo. I bet your mom smells soft and flowery like my grandma did. Like powder. You hit a chord to a memory with your words.

  6. M Sinclair Stevens Says:

    It takes having a daughter to really understand one’s mother..

  7. Barbara Says:

    You are the lucky one. Tears of joy…for you are running down my cheeks!

    My Mum had beautiful soft skin too.