Our Weekend

Saturday we went to a friend’s first birthday party. There, Claire discovered that she does like cake and frosting. She just wasn’t interested two weeks ago, on her birthday.

frosting face

And today we went to the Oakland Zoo. She was thrilled to see giraffes, elephants (her favorite animal as far as we can tell), snakes (a close second), zebras, birds, lions, tigers, monkeys, and otters, among other animals.

fascination up close

I didn’t take a lot of photos because I wanted to actually experience the outing and see the animals, but I did love the vivid colors of this Blue-and-Gold Macaw.


We are tuckered out and going to bed!

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2 Comments on “Our Weekend”

  1. marta Says:

    A favorite thing of mine is to watch the kiddo discover something new. Oh that look!

  2. gerry rosser Says:

    That’s a terrific black and white shot, and I don’t even much like black and white.