Guess What She Got For Her Birthday?

It’s estimated that babies get between four to ten colds in their first year. Up until yesterday, Claire had caught nine colds since birth. And now she has a cold again.

It appears that this one is quick and she has no fever; a friend’s daughter had it and was symptom-free in three days, so perhaps she will be well enough that our little guests can join us for her birthday party on Sunday. I also have two Very Pregnant friends who may not be able to come, although since they don’t put her toys in their mouths and won’t hold her, it may not be an issue. We’ll let them know and they can decide.

She’s in pretty good spirits despite the sneezes and runny nose. Her grandma and father are out buying a sandbox for her birthday (which is Monday, but the party is Sunday).

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6 Comments on “Guess What She Got For Her Birthday?”

  1. Karen Says:

    Well of course and I’m so sorry. We do want these days to be just-so. I bet she’ll gift you with a smile.

  2. Patti Kramer Says:

    Happy Birthday Claire!

  3. Imelda / GreenishLady Says:

    Oh, I hope that does clear up soon. I’ve been away a while, and just catching up today, came upon the video of Claire walking and waving “bye, bye” to the camera… Cute! So cute! Happy birthday to Claire!

  4. marta Says:

    Sorry to hear about the cold. Hope it clears up by her birthday!

    Happy happy day to the whole family.

  5. gerry rosser Says:

    Hope she has a happy birthday.

  6. marta Says:

    And so–how was the day?