Busy Busy Days

All I can say is, Claire is a fan of walking!

At the same time she has decided it is time to walk, it seems she has also decided it is time to move on from creamed, pureéd food. She has refused cereal and most pureéd fruits, as well as all pureéd vegetables. She has also been cutting back on milk and dawdling on the bottle a lot, so that I’m thrilled if she gets a mere 18 ounces into her a day. She adores tiny cut up bits of pineapple, cantaloupe, peaches, and pears. She loves her green beans and zucchini but is not so fond of butternut squash chunks (though she loved it before as a pureé). I look forward to when she is a year old and we can introduce other dairy, which I dearly hope she likes and is not allergic to.

The days hurry by like stock traders at work on Wall Street. This week we will enjoy a visit from two special people, and then before I know it, Claire’s grandmother will be here (Husband’s mom).

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2 Comments on “Busy Busy Days”

  1. lkd Says:

    Sounds like Claire’s a vegan (except for the milk—can babies drink soy milk instead of regular milk?)

    Is she? A vegan?

    Are you?

  2. Kathryn Says:

    I’m a meat-lover, and I think Claire is too. We’ve offered her chicken and beef, and she loves it, but doesn’t have the molars to really chew it well yet. Babies can drink soy milk, and if she’s allergic then that’s what we’ll use. However, I’m not sold on the benefits of soy milk (or using a lot of soy in general). We’ve been using a milk-based formula for her — it’s hypoallergenic, which means the milk proteins are already broken down, making it easy to digest. My hope is that she’ll enjoy a wide variety of foods. Time will tell!