O Hai!

I’ve been sick and am recovering slowly (I caught Claire’s cold). Uncle T is having a good time with us. Claire is doing her darndest to walk unassisted and today took two teeny tiny steps in succession. Does that count? We were visiting a friend at the time, so I have witnesses. 🙂 Claire’s sleep and naps are all whacky in part, I suspect, because she’s very busy integrating the walking. She isn’t drinking as much milk anymore since she got sick (I’m a little concerned), and I think she lost a little weight from being sick too. A mother’s job is worry. But she looks pretty healthy here! This was taken yesterday. There are a bunch of new photos and videos uploaded on Flickr for users who are friends and family on Flickr. In one of them she is saying the word “baby.” That seems to be her first distinct word.

Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention a few more tidbits. Claire really seems to favor the color blue. She always grabs for whatever blue toy (block, ball, bead); she will even grab it out of our hands. She now puts balls in her Tiny Love sorter without using the funnel. And she loves making the S sound; she often sounds like a leaky balloon. Ssssssssssss!

happy kid
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