No, not a radio station, and not the current heat index. That was Claire’s temperature at bedtime, and having had Tylenol. She cuddled me and her teddy bear all day, and I wore her in the Moby wrap as much as my back could stand it. I feel for her.


Earlier in the day, she even tried to be cheerful. Look at that little red nose!

tries to be cheerful even when ill
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5 Comments on “102.7”

  1. Eden Says:

    Awwww. I know how that is. Have you found yet that you can tell by sight (or smell) when she’s getting sick?

  2. Kathryn Says:

    I can tell by sight, but not smell yet (what does one look for — or sniff for?). I could see it in her eyes and face last night, and I just knew she was coming down with the virus that’s making the rounds.

  3. lkd Says:

    Did you seize this opportunity to sing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” to her?

    Gosh, I hope so.

    Poor kiddo. I’ve never seen a nose so red.

    Meanwhile, I knew one could smell fall coming. I can’t smell it yet, but I can hear it and feel it when I take the cats out at night. It’s out there, fall is.

    And my mother swears she can smell when it’s going to snow.

    But a sick kid? I wonder what sick smells like before it hits.

  4. Patti Kramer Says:

    Yes, one can smell illness, though the scent varies. It takes time to familiarize… I know when my husband is going to have a migraine, some times two days before. But I find with children that it’s their actions that speak louder… like Kathryn is doing with Clair. Hope Clair is better soon! so sweet!

  5. marta Says:

    May she get better and you stay well.