A Tired Girl

tired b&w
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4 Comments on “A Tired Girl”

  1. gerry rosser Says:

    Excellent black and white photo.

    Littly tyke does look weary.

  2. Austin Says:

    adorable……every picture you take shows her developing personality.

    I have some joy that I’d like to share with you. Someone will be joining my family in a few months. 🙂

    A present was delivered today for my minus six-months first grandchild (or as my daughter refers to him/her “grandpeanut”) (I think that beginning to indulge one’s grandchild as early as possible is a requirement).

    http://tiny.cc/hNC3J (the original url is unbelievably long)

  3. Austin Says:

    BTW — that Tiny Url takes forever to load on Internet Explorer but comes right up on Firefox.

  4. Kathryn Says:

    Congratulations, Austin! 🙂 The toy looks cool.