Tide Change

My energy seems to have returned, which makes me feel cheerier and optimistic. This shift occurred over the weekend when I got some time to myself.

A Guatemalan friend recommended some authors to me, so on Thursday I dove into Antigua and My Life Before, by Marcela Serrano. I finished yesterday completely satisfied with the encounter. I have not read much in recent months. In part this is because in recent years I turned to non-fiction more often, and I find I can’t sustain my attention on it now. Slipping into another reality via a good story is what I need. The next book is The Bejeweled Boy by Miguel Angel Asturias. My friend also encouraged me to try Gabriel Garcia Marquez again; I had tried to read One Hundred Years of Solitude several times but it did not engage me. She has suggested I try Love in the Time of Cholera, so this is on my list to borrow from my beautiful local library.

In addition to reading, I was able to go out shopping to use a gift card I’d won at a social event. It was at Lakeshore Learning, so it was still oriented toward my child, but I love to look at educational games and teaching supplies, and I had fun there. And I took a relaxing soak yesterday evening. These moments rejuvenated me.

I have another reason to feel happy as well. My parents have booked a plane flight to visit us in October! We are thrilled and excited they are making the long journey from Syracuse, especially because they are in their mid-70s and travel is not so easy for them (and many others) any more. They will get to meet their granddaughter in person! We have a busy season coming up; visitors are coming in August, September, and October, and then holiday season begins. Every day I pay attention — as often as I can — because so much happens, and Claire is changing so fast. I try to embrace and yet not cling.

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7 Comments on “Tide Change”

  1. marta Says:

    Wow. They’re coming. Wow.

  2. Karen Says:

    Look what happens when you happen to look.

  3. leah Says:

    i’ll be up in syracuse for a wedding on saturday. i’ll certainly keep an eye out for your parents! 🙂

  4. Fran aka Redondowriter Says:

    I couldn’t leave a comment on the post where Claire was standing, so I left one at Flickr–but I was signed into my PV Library account. You probably wonder who in the heck I was.

    She is so adorable and I’m glad you are getting some rest. Sounds like your family visiting is definitely something you are looking forward to. At the beginning of the month I go to Washington to see my new grandson.

  5. gerry rosser Says:

    It sounds like you needed some you. I’m glad you got a bit of time for that, and feel better.
    Good news about the parents.
    I had a good time reading One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera.

    I sometimes wonder, where Daughter is concerned, if she feels like an extension of Son-In-Law (career) and Babycakes (well, baby), and less like an individual person(ality). I am guilty of asking quickly about Babycakes when Daughter calls, and about Son-In-Law. She’s a delightful, generous-spirited woman, with talents of her own, and I have to make sure she gets attention of her own from me.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Glad to hear that you are in better spirits. While you may sometimes feel as if blogging is a poor substitute for relationships, please know that there are those of us out here who tune in everyday to see what’s going on with YOU (not just “Claire’s mom”) and who enjoy being a part of your world – albeit from a distance.

  7. Kate Walker Says:

    Hi Kathryn,
    Thanks for writing back! I’m thrilled to see you are feeling better and resuming your blog. I haven’t written anything beyond an email in a couple years (you do the math) but I have incorporated fiction reading into my life in a very substantial way. It is my raft, my salve, my everything. (Well, almost. I make a little time for my family.) But seriously, since becoming a SAHM I have really gotten into it. Don’t you have a place on your blog where you put all the books you read? I thought that was really cool. I have been keeping track myself on good old Goodreads. Are you on there? Wanna by my friend?