This Is What We Do At The Park

In addition to riding the swing, pulling up grass, scrunching sand between our fingers, and generally trying to put all interesting items in the mouth:

chasing pigeons

And happy, happy news! Uncle TP is coming for a visit to meet my Little Eclaire in August! It’s funny, because he came out in August last year for a visit when I was huge and so ready to give birth and be done with pregnancy. A year? Already?! (I say that a lot on this blog, don’t I?)

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2 Comments on “This Is What We Do At The Park”

  1. lkd Says:

    Holy crap, that pigeon sure let her get close.

    Did she get all excited when it flapped up and away?

  2. Kathryn Says:

    These are Very Bold Pigeons. Pigeons With Attitude. They are accustomed to being fed often (bread, etc.) at the park pond (along with the geese, gulls, and ducks). They don’t fly away — the merely strut on! Only when something really startles them (especially when they flock) do they all arise with great commotion, and that’s something Claire is fascinated to see.