Staying Still

The humidity is cloying right now, and already it’s 74 degrees. I am hunkered down, mentally geared for another 100+ degree day cooped up in this non-air conditioned house with the windows and drapes closed to retain last night’s cool air. It reminds me of the northern winters I grew up in.

Oh, we will go out to the park in the morning, briefly, and a friend invited us to enjoy her air-conditioning yesterday. We have a repeat invitation for that today. Of course, this requires driving on an ozone action day, which contributes to more pollution — ozone, smog, carbon dioxide, and smoke from fires.

And sweet Claire is more active than ever! Though her naps have been less deep the last few days, probably due to heat. So she gets fretful as well.

So, I’m not much in the mood to write. If you’ve written me an email recently (within the last couple weeks), I haven’t replied because I had company, and now I have little time when Claire is awake, and it’s just damn hot and I’m tired. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. 🙂

Wherever you are, Reader, I hope you are comfortable.

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