Two Things That Bring Me Joy

After a couple of months doing the “all done” sign with Claire, she recently started making the sign when I initiated — for example, after a meal, when I’d ask “All done?” and make the sign, she’d confirm it. But yesterday, she initiated the sign! When she was full, she raised her small hands and made the sign her way, smiling at me. She also made the sign when she was in the exer-saucer and wanted to get out. Wow. I can see her brain growing.

The other thing that brings me joy is the fact that it is possible to travel 3,000 miles across country within half a day. Think of this astonishing fact. It’s almost like time travel. My sister arrives in about 2.5 hours; her journey started in central New York this morning. We’re so excited about her visit!

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2 Comments on “Two Things That Bring Me Joy”

  1. austin Says:

    Wow. She’s communicating. Not only that, she’s initiating it. Has she attempted any verbal yet?

  2. Kathryn Says:

    She is very expressive and make a lot of sounds, many of which are intentional. It’s clear she’s saying something — it’s just not words we know. She says mama and dada and such things but doesn’t yet direct them at me and daddy respectively.