The New Homemaker

I’ve discovered a new blog and resource portal that will become a staple of my reading: The New Homemaker. I was doing research on the origin of “Susie Homemaker” (which I’ve not yet found because I wandered off into this new discovery). From the About page:

Who is the New Homemaker? She is the person who has discovered that having both partners in the work world is not “having it all.” Children, elders and the community have been sacrificed for two generations to the crazy notion that households can run themselves. Well, they can’t, and never have. Working parents have struggled valiantly to “have it all,” but are increasingly saying “we’ve had enough”; someone has to be home. Even single parents are exploring ways to spend more time at home and less at work, or to work at home.

Unexpectedly at home, the New Homemaker now finds herself completely unprepared to run that household, with few resources to turn to. Skills and knowledge housekeepers took for granted for centuries have been lost in just 50 years’ time. Traditional women’s magazines are filled not with solid homemaking advice and resources, but with diets, celebrity interviews, horoscopes, romance quizzes, career advice, fashion spreads and the like. Where help is available it’s frequently packaged with religious advice that may be appropriate for some women but hardly all, or even most.

I could print the entire manifesto here, but I won’t. You should read it, however. It speaks sense.

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3 Comments on “The New Homemaker”

  1. austin Says:

    I think “Little Suzy Homemaker” possibly originated with a doll from the mid-1960’s

  2. marta Says:

    I have very mixed feelings with what she has to say, and I won’t go into a long thing about it here. But I certainly do believe that if a woman is lucky enough to have a choice about staying home and that is what she wants to do, then hurray for all good resources and support.

  3. Jasmin Says:

    I think that’s the benefit of being raised by immigrant parents: I was expected to excel in school/work/whatever, but I also was expected to learn how to run a household.

    * Goes to call and thank Mom. *