All By Herself

Claire started pulling up this week, and yesterday she began cruising a little too. Today she pulled herself up under the dining table, and I had the camera handy. A few moments later she began to whimper, because she couldn’t figure out how to sit down again. In other places she lets go and sits down, but here she must have felt caged, or that it wasn’t safe to do that (and with the chair nearby she’s right). So I helped her.

pulling up

I am her personal jungle gym. She’s changing so rapidly. The exer-saucer is passé now.

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2 Comments on “All By Herself”

  1. William Sackinger Says:

    I learned today that your daughter has a new fifth-cousin, Simon Ruppel, born in Ulm, Germany, in February, son of Michael and Monika Ruppel.
    We are all well here.

  2. Jasmin Says:

    How can this be?! She was just born! 🙂