That’s the temperature right now and it’s only 2:45. Little Miss is not napping well today. But she’s cheerful for the most part. She has begun pulling up in earnest this week and uses me often as a climbing wall. The other day she pulled up using the ottoman; there’s a blanket with fringe that covers it. She grabbed a piece of fringe and held on, letting go with the other hand, and stood there! She wobbled and wavered, but she was unsupported by me. She looks very, very proud and happy when she pulls up successfully.

I swear, I do stuff around here, but at the day’s end it seems like nothing. Steaming and pureeing five kinds of vegetables and freezing them in ice cube trays doesn’t add up to much. Doing laundry and vacuuming isn’t that visible. Slicing bits of cantaloupe small enough so Claire can eat them without choking takes time but doesn’t have a big impact. Then there’s the 15 diaper changes in a day, plus the four bottle feedings and the three leisurely meals in a high chair. Then I get up and do much of it over the next day. It’s a good thing I don’t have to justify my work in order to keep a paycheck.

Darn, I could use a nap even if my sweet baby doesn’t!

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One Comment on “98.5”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    I was recently out with friends (one male, one female) when the woman asked what another female friend of mine did for a living. I said that she takes care of her little girl (!!!). Immediately, the man started making excuses for her. “But she does other things too.” I wanted to scream at him.

    No one should have to make excuses for raising a child. THAT is the most important work there is. THAT is what matters most.

    You don’t think you have a lot to show for your days? Just look at Claire’s smiles while she learns to pull herself up to walk. That’s the world. 🙂