Random Notes

This was a work weekend. Husband did most of the outdoor work, cleaning and raking the back yard, replacing rotted wood posts, and generally making the space habitable for Claire and me to play. I raked and swept, but much of the credit belongs to him.

I noticed today that plain unleaded gas is $4.39 a gallon in my neighborhood. Just four days ago I paid $4.19 — I’m sure it will get much worse.

I unpacked and stored our emergency food supply — enough to last us a month. We purchased 30 packages of Mayday 3600 calorie food bars; these are good for five years (and probably longer). They are stored in our cars in the “go bags” and in the home emergency supply bin. We don’t have enough water for the county’s recommended timeframe of two weeks, but we’ll amend that soon. Some day there will be a disaster here, most likely an earthquake, and we’ll be (I hope) somewhat prepared to deal with primitive conditions. Beyond gathering supplies and creating a plan, there’s nothing one can do. So it’s done (we’ve had the kits for years but the food got stale), and now we can focus on other things.

I also spent the weekend on Ravelry. It is the BEST site ever for knitters and crocheters. I recorded all my knitting and crochet needles, my entire stash of yarn (which is teeny compared to my friends), my knitting books, favorite patterns, my queue of projects I intend to make. This way I will always know how much yarn I have so that when I find a pattern I love, I can figure out which yarn to use. For non-knitters this may be of little interest, but it is THE BOMB for those who do.

Claire had long naps this weekend — one was 2.5 hours! She was sweet and chipper and her usual beautiful self. She cuddles more and more. We giggle and do nose kisses and generally enjoy our existence. We love her so much. 🙂

I need to go pick up the living room (it’s strewn with toys) and knit a little while before bed. Happy new week!

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2 Comments on “Random Notes”

  1. gerry rosser Says:

    I have been giving some thought to a little disaster preparedness. Sounds like you are ahead of me on this.

  2. Kathryn Says:

    We got our act together in 2005, because you can’t go a week around here without seeing some kind of warning that a big earthquake is due. I may have written a post about what I used for ideas. I’ll take a look and see — it might be worth reposting.