Technical Problems

A couple of readers tell me they are having trouble viewing my blog. These folks seem to be using PCs and Internet Explorer. I’m not sure why it’s not showing up correctly anymore, but I’ve made no changes to the format or code.

If you’re experiencing problems, let me know. I don’t know that there’s anything I can do, since it shows up fine in my browser and I’ve made no changes. But maybe we can see if it affects Apple users as well as PC, etc.

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9 Comments on “Technical Problems”

  1. Laura Says:

    For whatever it is worth, I can see this post and your main blog page no problem – and I’m using IE 7 under Windows XP.

  2. Austin Says:

    PC, IE6 — problem — Dark green vertical stripe at left is same width as it has been in the past, but text and pictures and even your copyright notice at bottom start at immediate left of screen, overlapping most of left hand stripe.

    There’s a picture (Apr 22 post) of Claire sitting at a table. The picture is huge, wider than the screen in IE. All other pictures on page, including the picture of the playpen immediately above are normal width. If I go to a previous page without that picture, the margins return to normal.

    When I look at the page in Opera or Firefox, there is no difference in any of the picture widths.

    I suspect that something about the sizing of that picture in conjunction with IE is the culprit. I suggest looking at how that picture was resized before you posted, or the specific code sizing or placing it when it was imbedded and compare those values with other pictures in your blog. As I recall, that picture was not originally there in that post, and was added later.

    When on comment page or any other page on your site, no problem in IE

    Mozilla Firefox 5.0 — no problem anywhere

    Opera 9.23 — no problem anywhere

  3. Kathryn Says:

    Thank you both! Austin, I appreciate the thorough testing and the hint of where the problem is. I’ve put a smaller photo up. Please let me know if that fixes the problem.

    When my husband wrote the code for the photo sizing he knew IE was buggy (when is it not?) but it didn’t seem to be a problem until recently.

  4. gerry rosser Says:

    I’ve had no problem. Firefox and XP.

  5. Austin Says:

    Fixes the problem. 🙂

  6. Austin Says:

    Also, I’m a geek. I’m SUPPOSED to be thorough. 🙂 (at least about geekly things)

  7. Linda Says:

    It’s perfect now! Everything is back to “normal”. Even the type on this comment is bigger and better than it was!

  8. gerry rosser Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day.
    I posted a video today you might like.

  9. Imelda / GreenishLady Says:

    Oh… perfect. Thanks for setting about fixing it. I wasn’t sure whether to say or not… but it’s lovely to be able to see that gorgeous photo of Claire sitting zazen. Perfect! Thanks for going to the trouble!