Family Resemblances

From Claire’s birth people have asked me, “Whom do you think Claire looks like?” I have always replied, “Why, she looks like herself!” But really, it’s human nature to want to see family resemblances. I dug up some old photos for reflection. First, here is a photo of me when I was 18 months old.

kathryn 1965

Now, here’s a photo of my sisters in 1959. My eldest sister (on the left with the huge grin) and I have often been confused for each other; we look quite similar.

linda and ellen 1959

And here is a recent photo of Claire. When her smile is bigger her chin is more prominent, but even here it has definition; she does seem to have inherited the Petro chin.

first warm day of spring

And here’s one more photo for smile and chin comparison.


During the recent visit with Husband’s mother and grandmother, I brought out the photo of me for comparison. The consensus was that Claire looks like her Mommy, though she has her father’s hair color and complexion.

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4 Comments on “Family Resemblances”

  1. Linda Says:

    Kath! – Thanks for digging up the old pics of us when we were little! Yup, Miss Claire has indeed captured the Petro resemblence! Good old chinny chin chin! That will be her barometer to measure the attitude of our lil’ miss!

  2. Karen Says:

    Hey! Where is the babyproofing in that first photo?!?

  3. kate Says:

    good lord that child is gorgeous! 🙂

  4. kate Says:

    good lord that child is gorgeous!