Yes, D.E.A.R.

In honor of Beverly Cleary’s birthday, tomorrow April 12th, is Drop Everything And Read Day.

Give yourself permission to do nothing else if you so desire!

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2 Comments on “Yes, D.E.A.R.”

  1. gerry rosser Says:

    I find it harder and harder to find novels I want to read, and often initial appeal wears off due to poor or pedestrian writing.

    Yet, I soldier on.

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Me too! Somehow I have trouble immersing myself in imaginary worlds. My own is so much more interesting, and if I’m going to read I want to learn information I didn’t know before. That’s why I read mostly non-fiction.

    I recently read an interesting article about reading preferences. It’s called Why I’m Sticking With Classics.

    However, I must say that I have a couple of friends who are writers (novels), and I’ve read their work. I enjoyed it immensely. Part of my reluctance is that time is precious, and if something doesn’t engross me, I don’t afford it the time. It’s just hard to know what’s worth it. I used to subscribe to Bookmarks Magazine, and that helped.