If You Need A Lift

In case you’re feeling down at the moment, here’s a taste of something you might enjoy reading. It really, truly isn’t a downer to read at all. After years of devotion to her writing (while working all along at a “day job”), Patry’s first novel, The Liar’s Diary, was published in 2007. Then last fall, she was diagnosed with cancer.

Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t worry before my surgery. It’s a good thing that I reveled in every moment of being at home, rather than spoiling it by mentally leaping into “what might happen.” Because as it turns out what might happen arrived all on its own.

My recovery was on track until Sunday when I became seriously ill. Doctors were summoned (one even racing down the hallway), tests were taken, conferences were had. The consensus was even more desperate than the way I felt. My surgery had failed, and would need to be repeated (today at 1:30.)

–Patry Francis, Simply Wait

Patry’s ability to find ordinary life marvelous, and to write about it, is very compelling. Do go read.

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