A Little Soul

afternoon play - cropped

I knew that I had come face to face with some one whose mere personality was so fascinating that, if I allowed it to do so, it would absorb my whole nature, my whole soul, my very art itself.

–Oscar Wilde

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6 Comments on “A Little Soul”

  1. Kate Says:

    Wow, what a great photo!

  2. gerry rosser Says:

    It is a fine picture.

    I cannot make a darn thing out of the Oscar Wilde quote, I must be dense.

  3. Kathryn Says:

    It speaks to me of the way I feel about being this little person’s mother. Since it’s so specific to me, I can see why it wouldn’t resonate with anyone else. 🙂

  4. Karen Says:

    I can scarcely see anything little about that soul.

  5. lkd Says:

    What a perfect marriage of photograph and quote.

    What a pensive expression on her face.

    It’s photographs like this that convince me that your daughter was born with an old soul.

    She looks like she knows the meaning of life.

  6. Stella Says:

    Lucky, lucky baby – that quote is just how it should be with a mother. Tis what makes the future adult human whole. I agree with the commenter above – perfect marriage of quote and (gorgeous) photo.