Music Every Day

We want to provide Claire with a variety of musical exposure. The Music Together songs are an excellent start. We listen to a classical music radio station sometimes. And we have a huge collection of music on CD which is stored also on our computers. (Ain’t technology grand?) So I made seven CDs of music (no classical but pretty much everything else) to spice up every day life. We listen to regular rock stations too, but I like the idea of having personally created playlists for her. Husband made one for her the night we returned from the hospital; it’s called Claire Dance Mix. I haven’t listed that here, since it’s his compilation. If you’d like to see the (very long) list, you can see more. I’ll probably make more over time, since we have thousands of songs. (Ain’t technology grand?)
Claire Music Volume 1

Claire Music Volume 2

Claire Music Volume 3

Claire Music Volume 4

Claire Music Volume 5

Claire Female Artists Volume 1

Claire Female Artists Volume 2

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2 Comments on “Music Every Day”

  1. Eden Says:

    You should look into Kindermusik courses 😉

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Music Together is basically the same thing. So far I like it a lot, so I’ll reserve Kindermusik for when she’s a little older. MT has a curriculum (9 units of 10 weeks each, and each provides a CD of unique music), that taken consecutively can be done over three years. There will still be lots of time for Kindermusik!