developing a taste for literature

Developing a Taste for Literature

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7 Comments on “Punny”

  1. Karen Says:

    readers digest.

  2. Aunt LP Says:

    Food for thought …

  3. Aunt LP Says:

    Eating one’s words …

  4. marta Says:

    Are you already trying to put words in her mouth?

  5. lkd Says:

    The color of her hair looks different in every photograph. This one dark, one below lighter, another almost appearing strawberrry blonde.

    What’s her actual hair color?

    And her eyes look dark.

    Are they brown?

  6. Kathryn Says:

    Her hair is a sandy brown with blond highlights. Her eyes are still changing, we think. They are a dark gray around the outer iris with some brown near the pupil. But they are definitely not brown, nor are they blue.

  7. Eden Says:

    Sounds like Z’s eyes, which turned out hazel (finally).

    Dance with the pig, if you know how…