Blustery Wet

On this stormy Friday, we actually went out. Claire and I went on a play date at a Las Madres member’s home. Talking with other women was a tonic for me, and Claire enjoyed watching the other babies. I also met someone who’s child was born the day before Claire at the same hospital. A happy coincidence.

I really liked going to the mom’s house rather than meet at the park. (Since the weather is perfect here from April to October, the groups are typically scheduled to meet at a park. Except if you don’t arrive all at the same time, you might miss each other.) So maybe some mothers will host at their homes, and we’ll make some friends.

Speaking of friends, this evening is the 40+ Mothers Night Out. I intend to go, despite the icky weather.

For giggles, please visit Do’s and Don’ts With Babies. Just don’t be drinking a beverage while you look at it. I had an unfortunate encounter with my V8 as I did. Thanks to Tiffany for sending the link!

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