Keeping Busy

My day isn’t over yet. Here’s how it’s been so far.

6:00 – get up; Claire was just fed at 5:00 by Husband and wouldn’t fall asleep again, so got her from the crib and played with her
6:45 – Claire naps in her swing, and I check email/blogs
7:30 – Claire wakes; change her; play with her
7:50 – feed her; change her again (she’s productive); play with/read to her
8:30 – rock Claire
8:45 – put her in her crib; she fusses until 9:10 then sleeps until 9:50; during that time I make two loaves of whole wheat baguettes using this recipe; take out recycling; fold laundry; put away laundry; wipe up counters and dining table; load dishwasher; eat a banana and drink milk; gather stuff for Goodwill
9:50 – Claire wakes (darn! only 40 minutes of sleep) and I leave her alone; she protest fusses until 9:55 and then falls asleep again
10:00 – put bread in oven; Claire is crying again
10:05 – get Claire, change a poopy diaper; play with her
10:30 – get bread out of oven; feed Claire, then change her
11:00 – take Claire on an outing to drop off a box at Goodwill and purchase coffee filters at Long’s Drugstore; eat a quick lunch at home
12:00 – Claire dozes in swing and I have a catnap
12:30 – play with Claire
1:00 – feed Claire, change her; make scones
2:00 – take a 60 minute walk; Claire sleeps 35 minutes in the stroller
3:15 – feed Claire, change her; play with her
4:00 – she is whiney and tired; put her in the swing; she fusses and then falls asleep
5:15 – she’s still asleep and I uploaded more photos on Flickr

I’m ready for her father to come home, though that won’t happen until 6:30 at the earliest. Fortunately, I made a ham and bean soup a couple days ago, and that plus the bread will be dinner tonight. Also today, I showed Claire two 30-second videos I made of her, and she was riveted. The one of her laughing especially got a smile and a giggle out of her.

How has your day been?

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3 Comments on “Keeping Busy”

  1. marta Says:

    Usually everyday I have a moment like this–

    My son has been coloring a lot lately. One book he likes a lot has a bit about a box of crayons. I said to him this afternoon, “I’ve got a surprise! I got you a box of crayons. Like from the story!” Boy was I feeling good.

    My son breaks into tears. He wails. “I don’t want to color! I want to play!” He tells me he doesn’t want crayons, I can’t make him color, he wants to run around, and I’m not nice to him–I’m being mean. Mean!

    Sometimes you think you’re doing the right thing, but you’re not. You’re just the biggest meanie on the planet. And let me tell you, it is exhausting being the biggest meanie on the planet.

    Of course once at home he happily and WILLINGLY went to the crayons and began to color. That captures the essence of my day!

  2. Julia Says:

    Oh this brings back such happy memories!

  3. Imelda / GreenishLady Says:

    What a cutie she is! Gorgeous!