My Little Sack of Potatoes

Claire is getting heavy to carry! I think we may have a baby carrier that’s a winner.

When she was born, we first tried the Infantino sling. Claire hated it. It required her to be horizontal, and this wasn’t comfortable with the reflux. It was also dark and hot.

We tried a Moby wrap. Getting the damn thing wrapped around me and arranged was a lot of bother, and she hated it too, because she had to face inward. This child prefers to face the world. I know when she’s bigger she could face outward — the Moby wrap allows for all sorts of positions — but it lacks structure, and I think that bothered her too.

We did a little research. Consumer Reports rated the top three carriers as the Baby Bjorn Active ($120), the Baby Bjorn Original ($80), and the Kolcraft Jeep 2-in-1 ($40). They were rated on safety, ease of use, and comfort.

So today we all went to the store and tried on the Evenflo Snuggli (way too many straps and clips), a Baby Bjorn Active (we didn’t like the snaps at the bottom and it was pricey), and a Kolcraft Jeep 2-in-1. The only one she did not cry in was this last one. So we bought it and brought it home. At first she cried in it when we faced her inward. Facing outward she started crying but was soon distracted by watching Grandma cook, and then Husband took her for a short walk, and she was fascinated. My hope is the trepidation of the unknown will diminish and she’ll “take” to it. This would allow me to go to the grocery store and other short outings without lugging the stroller.

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