We don’t watch television anymore, at least not together. So right now I’m catching up on recorded episodes of Chuck. I also plan to catch up on Dirty Sexy Money eventually. However, I will probably pass on old episodes of Reaper. It’s kind of a replicate of Chuck (slacker guy with best buddy work in retail and have whacky adventures), but I think Chuck (the main character) is much hotter and more adorable. When I go to bed (in half an hour), Husband will have his much-needed quiet time (if our little girl will oblige him by staying asleep) and watch them too.

This evening I escaped for a few minutes to Barnes and Noble, where I indulged myself with the following:

What Mothers Do: Especially When It Looks Like Nothing (since I spend hours sitting in the rocking chair holding her, I need something to read)

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind (recommended by Karen)

Walt Disney Records : Children’s Favorite Songs, Vol. 1: 25 Classic Tunes (because the only tune I can remember of late is Frére Jacques; I make up words as I sing to her, narrating our activities)

Claire’s colic is still… colicky. Husband came home and took over with Screaming Mimi. She’s so exhausted. As are we.

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