What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Other than the fact that I have Mom hair (pulled back in a ponytail) and look tired?

what's wrong with this picture?

I came downstairs dressed and happened to notice what’s awry when I was looking in the mirror as I washed my hands. (I still have the time and ego to look in a mirror?!)

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9 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. Karen Says:

    Who said there was anything wrong with an earring for each ear?

  2. Emy Says:

    You’re bringing back the trend dude…I used to do that ALL THE TIME.

    I’m not sure I ever noticed it before, but in this picture you really remind me of a friend of mine from college.

  3. Kathy Says:


  4. Michelle Says:

    it’s definitely a mom-in-a-hurry look!

  5. Imelda / GreenishLady Says:

    Ok, but there are two earrings, and you found time to insert earrings in your ears. You’re doing VERY WELL for a new Mom. Believe me!

  6. beverly Says:

    I think it happening. I have arrived at work with only one earring on. Oh well.

  7. Shirl Says:

    it’s a cute look!

  8. Fran aka Redondowriter Says:

    As an artistic woman, you have every right to wear two different earrings. Who says they have to match? But–did you have two different socks on, too? Maybe you’re not a new mom but a blossoming absent minded professor.

  9. acm Says:

    hey, babe — matching earrings (and identical socks) are for those who lack imagination!! party on!