Sunday Morning Self-Portrait

Coffee, computer, cat, & kid (no order of importance implied). Pixie comfortably asleep in my arm. Bed head, grungy clothes. Messy desk in the office/art room. All is bathed in sunlight.

sunday morning
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3 Comments on “Sunday Morning Self-Portrait”

  1. Laurel Says:

    Have you lost much weight?

    You look really small to me.

    I’ve been “coaching” a friend at work (she comes to me for atta girls and high fives whenever she has a weight loss to report, or asks for advise on working out) who’s lost 80 pounds (her husband has lost 120 pounds) and I call her the incredible shrinking woman.

    I tell her she looks small all the time.

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Yes, I’ve lost all of the weight. I now weigh three pounds less than what I did at conception. My total weight gain since last December was 25 pounds; 12 of that was baby/placenta, and the rest was fluid. (No wonder I felt like a watermelon!) I drained it all by the second week after giving birth and am now wearing my old clothes. My goal is to continue losing gradually (which I’d begun to do last December before getting pregnant).

    Thank you for asking and making the observation. I like the encouragement! 🙂

  3. Laurel Says:


    Go, you!

    Damn, that’s gotta feel good.

    That’s a lot of weight to lose that fast. You must feel transformed.

    I noticed you mentioned Les Madres below. Do they offer a mommy/baby workout a la Baby Bootcamp or Stroller Strides? If not, that kind of mommy/baby/exercise interaction might be up your alley.

    Here’s an article about those kind of workouts that I just found in the Seattle Times.

    It seems like the best of both worlds. Mom gets out of the house and gets her body moving, and baby gets fresh air and exposure to other babies.