Kick Me, Please

This post is updated; see below.

Yesterday we took a walk to let gravity help get things going. Little One responded with much activity, squirming and positioning herself further in the pelvis. She was active late last night, too, and in the wee hours. I also had backache/cramps in the wee hours.

Then it subsided. Today I’ve spent mostly laying about, napping. The roofers finally got to our roof around 1 p.m., and I’ve enjoyed a symphony of nail-gun pounding harmonized with blaring Hispanic radio. By resting, I may have lulled Little One as well.

At 12:30 p.m., I had not felt much movement at all from Little One in many hours. I drank water and lay down to do a kick count; I felt faint movements and dozed off. I awoke at 3:30 and drank cold grape juice, then ice water (12 ounces of each), and felt a faint poke. Usually an infusion of that much cold, sugary fluid stirs her into break dancing. I took a shower, which also jostles her into activity, then walked to our mailbox and back. Nothing.

Husband is on his way home. I’m going to call the doctor and see what she says. Probably all is fine and well. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I hate to leave a post like this. The good thing is, El Camino Hospital has wireless Internet access throughout, so geeks like me can bring their laptops. I can update this post quickly. (And won’t I feel silly if we get there and she’s just dandy!)

Say it with me: All is well. All is well.

Update: Husband got home and I lost composure. He asked me if I’d done a proper kick count, and I said I thought I had, I’d lost track. We called the OB office and were told to head to labor and delivery at the hospital. Before going, though, Husband said, “Let’s do a proper kick count.” I had another glass of cold grape juice, and we lay down together on the bed. The result: 13 movements in 31 minutes (probably more, we gave half credit to some moves that weren’t especially strong), which is great. We called the hospital and told them the situation; they were pleased to hear it and grateful we let them know not to expect us.

Little One’s moving as I type this. We’ll do periodic counts throughout the evening and tomorrow. Tomorrow at 6 p.m., providing the hospital has available beds, I’ll go in for the prostaglandin insert. Then we go home and wait for the hormones to do their job of softening and effacing my cervix; at midnight (again, providing they have beds) we go in for the Pitocin induction. (If they don’t have beds, they’ll tell us to keep calling every couple of hours until they do.) If I end up going into labor on my own, we’ll simply go in when we’re in the active labor stage and be admitted. So I admit: I’m Crazy Pregnant Lady. I feel a bit silly for having gotten all astir, but I suppose I’m not the first. And we were right! All is well.

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15 Comments on “Kick Me, Please”

  1. Joyce Says:

    All is well. All is well, and soon she will be here. 🙂 What’s her name?

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Ah, that’s a secret until she arrives. There will be a post revealing all! 🙂

  3. marta Says:

    Oh, my dear, I know, I really know, you are going through more than me, but I shall be distracted silly until hear more.

    There are several lines I’ve always been drawn to from this great book by Ntozake Shange (forgive me gods if I misspelled it) and they go something like this:

    “This is your mama right here.”

    “She was born with the moon in her mouth and it followed her everywhere.”

    They may not mean as much to you, of course and that’s fine, but I wanted to share something I found beautiful–because this will be the time of your life…

  4. Eden Says:

    This happened to me at the end. I heard somewhere that they just have less room to move around and that doing the kick counts is all you can do. The style of the movement is different but it’s there. Can’t wait to meet her 😉

  5. Fran aka Redondowriter Says:

    Oh, she is most likely going to born on the auspicious day of Sept. 5, 2007. I just did a quick Google search but didn’t find anything. I know you are ever so ready to have your girl come. You have been a real trouper about every aspect of your pregnancy, but these last hot months complete with roofer, is too much for any expectant mother to endure with as much grace as you have. Praying for you tonight!

  6. Diana Says:

    Whew, what a relief!!

    I wish I could say that this is the last time you’ll go through this kind of scare but honey, this is only the beginning… 😉

  7. Mouse Says:

    The Ragazza took a rest from in-utero gymnastics just before my labour started. I’m told that it’s quite common though I know that doesn’t help when you’re stressing

    We’re all of us random readers thinking of you and wishing you a safe and speedy delivery

  8. leah Says:

    i’m sorry you had a scare, but i’m glad all is well!! sending you and your little one hugs and love and prayers for a safe journey for your little girl. xoxox

  9. Karen Says:

    Breathing again. You are not crazy. You are wise. Oops. They are the same thing! (You’re about to get REALLY crazy.)

  10. Kate Says:

    Go get ’em, tiger! 🙂

  11. Shirl Says:

    all is well, whew. Glad I visited after the update!! Patience is a tough virtue. I think you’ve got it!

  12. la peregrina Says:

    That was scary. Glad everything is good again. WHEW.

  13. Imelda / GreenishLady Says:

    All is well. I am thinking of you, and knowing that you are moving closer and closer to the wonderful moment. It’s such a privilige to be allowed to share in these days.

  14. Kristen-Marie Says:

    Wow, you’re starting out Little One’s exercise routine early! Seriously, glad things are good, and I can’t wait to meet my new little friend. 🙂

  15. Joyce Says:

    Wednesday evening. 8:17 p.m. Thinking of you and Husband and Little One….. Looking forward to hearing the news.