The Countdown

Today was the first of my weekly OB visits. So, when is Little One making her debut?

According to my doctor (who gave me an exam), it’s not likely she’ll arrive before her due date on August 27. There’s no dilation. She is head down, but she hasn’t dropped. Once she drops into the pelvic opening, she’s kind of “locked in” and won’t flip. Here’s hoping she doesn’t get all excited about something and flip herself laterally or upright. So, my doctor said, “You’ve got time. Make a getaway to Santa Cruz, or San Francisco. Enjoy it!” This means when my brother comes to visit during my 39th week, he won’t have to deal firsthand with his sister raving through labor pain. One caveat from my doctor, though: things can change. I’m rather enjoying this period of wondering.

We also reviewed my one-page “birth preferences” document. I don’t put much stock in a birth plan — in fact I think the concept is rather amusing — it’s a natural event and has too many variables to really plan. However, I decided it was worth noting my preferences for labor positions, pain management, postpartum care, and so on, all of which are flexible if other measures are needed. The doctor made helpful suggestions about some things to change and was generally satisfied with it. She was especially pleased it was only one page. She’s seen birth plans that are six pages long, and she said, “Believe me, the nurses don’t read beyond page one. There’s so much going on.” Fortunately for us, a friend of mine has offered to be a coach alongside Husband. She’s had two children before, and I appreciate her willingness to assist, especially since she’s in the second trimester of her third pregnancy. She’ll be able to look after me, make suggestions to Husband on how he can comfort me, and they can help each other take breaks as they need. If I’m really lucky, my labor will be like my mother’s — with her first child it took about eight hours, and the rest of us were also pretty short.

One change to note: in the past two weeks, I lost 1.5 pounds. Little One is growing bigger and her heartbeat is good. It’s just too hot to eat a lot, and I don’t have much room. Doctor said there’s no need to be concerned; I have ample reserves!

In general I feel fine, except that the heat really sucks my energy out, and then I feel crabby and as though I’m wearing lead weights. Several people suggested I try swimming, and I finally took their advice. Our community has a small pool; this evening I immersed myself for 40 minutes. (Glory be, my bathing suit fit, although it, um, looked rather like it’d been spray-painted on me.) It was delicious to be in the water.

Tomorrow we’re hosting the final “Last Chance to See” dinner with friends. We also aim to get to The Bourne Ultimatum this weekend, which might be the last theater excursion for awhile. We’re just following a friend’s advice: “Go see a movie in July. Select it carefully. Remember that it could be up to a year and a half that you say this picture’s name every time you speak the words, ‘The last movie we saw was…’ And this is important: see something better than Mark Wahlberg in Planet of the Apes.” 🙂

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7 Comments on “The Countdown”

  1. Melissa Says:

    How wonderful to have such supportive family and friends! It sounds like you are calm and collected in these last precious weeks. Wonderful! I certainly hope when my boyfriend and I are ready to start our family, I can take it in stride like you appear to be. I am so excited for you. Enjoy!

  2. Eden Says:

    Zoe never dropped or moved into place. I never dilated or effaced. My OB in Colorado said that she should have dropped 4-6 weeks before her due date. He had hoped I would be able to deliver vaginally despite the fibroid but those elements made her a definite C-section. Do you know yet if you might go that way?

  3. Kathryn Says:

    Thank you, Melissa! 🙂

    Eden, nothing’s been said at this point about a C-section being necessary. We’re aware that it might happen. I’m amazed at the number of labor stories I’ve heard that result in an emergency C-section. But my doctor seems to think it’s not abnormal she hasn’t dropped yet and there’s still time. We’ll learn more each week.

  4. Emy Says:

    Hey, I bet I can guess who that labor coach is!

    My parents are visiting this week, but after they head out we should make plans (see above re: plans, hehe) to do something, even if it’s just me coming over and bringing you an iced coffee and hanging out and chatting. I am more than happy to do that.

    Ooh….I could bring some stamps and we could make something. That shouldn’t bother your hands too much, right?

  5. Kathryn Says:

    Emy, you definitely know who! I’d love to see you. I’ll be in touch shortly to make a date. The stamps shouldn’t be a problem. The hands, they tingle almost all the time, but they are capable of handling things if the movements aren’t too fine and precise.

  6. Eden Says:

    Well I can tell you that it was a good recovery and just as amazing an experience as it could be. If you have to go that way, it’ll be fine. You miss nothing (except maybe the episiotomy).

  7. donna Says:

    Until my oldest was born, we had a 9″ tv. A new TV was one of our first purchases after….

    Yeah, enjoy those movies out….