A Good Day

Thursday was a darn good day, the best I’d had in awhile. First, I have new walking shoes that fit. So I took a short, slow constitutional in the morning. Then I picked up my friend to deliver him to the San Francisco airport (he’s off to Spain to vacation with his wife); once that was done, I hit Babies ‘R’ Us to use the last bit of a gift card, and then I took a slow route down Middlefield Road to Palo Alto. I was ready for some refreshment, so I stopped at a Peet’s Coffee & Tea for a bit of shortbread and an Americano. While there I pulled out my journal and pens, because I developed a small crowd at my feet, where I tossed my crumbs, and I was feeling creative.

sparrows at peet's

After finishing the drawing (which has terrible perspective, but whatever), I headed home. My energy was ample today, and I like that. The evening was spent organizing photos and puttering around the house. Oh, one more tidbit; last weekend the friends we had over for dinner shared happy news that they are pregnant — first trimester still, but so far all is well. We’re going to have company with our new lifestyle!

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One Comment on “A Good Day”

  1. Paul Sunstone Says:

    I can certainly empathize with the feeling of new shoes. I recently got the best fitted pair I can recall ever having, and I’ve noticed how much more fun walking has become.