Artwords: Numbers

Artwords is another creative project that posts a theme on Sunday and invites people to use sketches, photos, paintings, collage, digital art, altered art, etc. to depict a story.

As a change of pace from the drawings, I selected a photo I took back in Austin. The resulting movement in the image depicted how time seems to move for me: shifting, often blurry, streaking past me.

time flies
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2 Comments on “Artwords: Numbers”

  1. Debbi Baker Says:

    Hi Kathryn

    I had to come and look here because I couln’t get a big enough view of this fabulous piece on Artwords. I love it – glad you are joining in!

    Hope to see your work some more.


  2. Melissa Says:

    Sometimes the camera can accidentally or intentionally capture something that the naked eye cannot. I love this photo! 🙂