Oh, Baby!

This post is purely about ego. (They all are, but sometimes I rationalize that I’m motivated by more constructive or altruistic reasons.) We spent a busy weekend, beginning Friday evening through last night, nesting in the baby’s room. We unpacked toys, clothes, baby-sized hairbrushes and clippers, and so on. We bought a bookcase (securing it to the wall), a small stereo (for listening to the lullabies!), a floor lamp, and the mattress. We dressed the bed. (I even ironed the dust ruffle. People, I haven’t picked up an iron in about four years. I hate ironing.) Husband also assembled the travel system, which is kind of like a Transformer toy. Push a button and the thing automatically unfolds and pops open. Collapsing is just as easy. It’s a toy for big kids! We’re very pleased with ourselves and how the room came together. As of this week I’m eight months pregnant, so it’s now just a matter of patiently waiting while she adds more weight and nature puts the finishing touches on her. Here’s a photo or two. You can see the whole set too (only 14 photos).

baby room 3
baby room 7
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7 Comments on “Oh, Baby!”

  1. leah Says:

    i’m so excited for you kathryn!! the room looks beautiful, just gorgeous. my best friend starting getting hyper organized and setting up the nursery in her new home. it was probably the first room to be entirely unpacked and set up. she thinks it was a serious nesting instinct kicking in because a week later she delivered her baby! perhaps that’s what has you ironing? 🙂

  2. Shirl Says:

    What a wonderful nest you’ve made! Congratulations!

  3. GreenishLady Says:

    Oh, that is so beautiful. I hope this month is a time of rest and peace for you.

  4. Liora Says:

    That is one of the most beautiful baby rooms I’ve ever seen. Having friends make the art work is something special. What a smart mommy to secure the bookshelf! And books for the baby already! Yes! I agree with Leah. Sounds like you’re definitely feathering your nest.

  5. la peregrina Says:

    Very cosy room. Love that drawer under the crib.

  6. Laurel Says:

    What a joyous space.


    That butterfly and bumblebee would make swell throw rugs.

    Have you ever hooked a rug? You’re such a crafty person. Seems like transferring that pattern onto a grid and hooking one or two rugs up would be easy as pie for the likes of you.

  7. Kathryn Says:

    Hey Laurel, long ago (gads, 20 years) I hooked a couple of small rugs. You’ve got a neat idea there. The trick would be enlarging the pattern correctly. Perhaps I’ll give it a go sometime. 🙂