Tidal Pool at Seal Rocks, Oregon

I wanted to poke at them to see if they would contract and close. But then I would have become an enemy of anemones! So I settled for a simple photo.

seal rocks, or

More about sea anemones here.

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2 Comments on “Tidal Pool at Seal Rocks, Oregon”

  1. Liora Says:

    They look soft, and the water looks soft. It looks tempting to put your feet in there and swish them around. Then again, I haven’t read your link yet on sea anemones. For all I know they’re creatures who deliver fatal stings or something.

    Love your photos. Do you like your Nikon E2100? That’s a digital cam, right? The crispness and vivid colors in your photos is amazing.

  2. Kathryn Says:

    I do like my E2100 digicam, though it’s sorely out of date by now. I sometimes hanker for a somewhat more sophisticated camera with more megapixel capacity so I can make larger prints without sacrificing quality. I’d also like a better zoom lens. But overall this little gadget has been a good friend.