This Weeble Wobbles On

Yesterday I had another visit with my OB. All continues to be well; the baby’s heartbeat is in the 150s, my fundal measurement is normal. I gained two pounds in three weeks, which is on target. (I’d wondered if I gained any weight at all, because my appetite seems to have decreased in the heat. Is it possible to gain weight by converting fat stores? Just as muscle weighs more than fat, does a baby weigh more than fat?) I return to the doctor in two weeks, and soon after will visit weekly. It all seems very soon. For the past three days I’ve experienced occasional aching in my abdomen which feel like cramps; these are probably Braxton-Hicks contractions, nothing to worry about. Yet I’m inclined to stay close to home.

I was given paperwork to complete for pre-admission to the hospital birthing center. Once it’s processed, there will be no need to hassle with this in labor. We can simply show up and enter the birthing center.

The only hitch these days are two irritants. One is that my left knee continues to hurt and is worsening. I’m walking gingerly and with a limp. We have three flights of stairs in our home and getting up and down them is becoming a challenge. All that Relaxin in my system, plus the increased weight make it inevitable. The best I can do it move carefully to avoid aggravating it and hope it heals after birth.

The other irritant is that for a couple weeks my back, arms and legs have itched fiercely. My stomach does not! I wake up scratching intensely and have given myself small scars and scabs. I douse myself in lotion, and it helps a bit. The doctor gave me a slip to have a blood test for bile acids done. There’s a very rare liver disorder, Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP), that can develop in the third trimester and may result in a stillbirth. She’s dubious that’s the cause, but she’ll cover all bases. Most likely the reason for the itching is that this climate is bone dry, and I don’t have the supple skin I had 20 years ago.

Wednesday we attended an information session at Husband’s job that explained maternity and paid family leave benefits. Understanding what needs to be done when is complex, but the benefits are excellent. They gave us a bag of goodies, including lotions from the massage therapist group that works on-site. Also included was a hat, onesie, and a bib with the company logo on it. So tiny and charming. The bib says, “I’m feeling hungry!” Yeah, we’re branded. Hey, at least Little One won’t be nekkid.

Next Wednesday the crib, rocker, and dresser arrive. Then we buy a mattress and I can decorate. Her closet is full of stuff, and I’m a bit agog at it all.

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3 Comments on “This Weeble Wobbles On”

  1. leah Says:

    wow, your husband’s company sounds pretty awesome!

    how exciting that her room is coming together! 🙂

  2. gerry rosser Says:

    I pay attention to your posts about being pregnant, but keep my own counsel as I am not a woman (thus never have been or will be in that condition), and was never a member of a couple to which children were born.
    I just continue to send you good thoughts and hope all goes very well.

  3. William Sackinger Says:

    Thanks for the link to Relaxin; since it inhibits collagen synthesis, it is probably related to your ache in the knee. There is thus a natural limitation on your walking, which is probably best at this time (31 weeks). I have been planning to mention the benefits of a spiritual and psychological focus on pregnancy and child care from the beginning, as contrasted to the acquisition of baby-related material goods, a concept pushed upon on us to let the merchants of the world rejoice in your pregnancy and your daughter’s birth. The family heirloom baby items are so important in the grandmother/mother/granddaughter spiritual linkage; I am glad to see that happen. When the birth is 30 days away, and the probability of successful delivery reaches a level which is the same as at full term, you will get a small present in the mail from us which will be useful. When the baby arrives, your social interactions with friends will shrink to absolute minimal, and will be at your house, because of baby logistics of alternately sleeping and nursing, and your own need to sleep when the baby sleeps….in order to survive…

    My brother Tom is here with me now; he drove here via Phoenix, San Clemente, Salem, and the Cassiar Highway. Our sister living in Phoenix now has glioblastoma in addition to the lung and lymph node cancer, and is immersed in a sea of love with her family members’ visits; our brother is there now. So far she has no pain and looks forward to Heaven sometime within the next 12 months, as glioblastoma has no effective treatment available.

    I give thanks daily for your new daughter-in-waiting….