Room For Little One

When we moved in, the manager told us we could do whatever we wanted with the loden green curtains in the guest room, which we planned to be the baby’s room. I’m not keen on the color (which is much darker in the photo than in real life), but I’m not a seamstress, and I don’t want to purchase curtains that might not fit another window if we should move. So I shortened them instead. Here they were before, dragging on the floor:


And here is an after picture. The furniture is being delivered next week, so the room should soon have a new personality and become appealing, especially after I hang all the artwork. Right now it’s soulless.

fixed curtains in baby room
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One Comment on “Room For Little One”

  1. Liora Says:

    That change totally transformed the look from heavy and dark to lighter and more peaceful. I actually like the color. My you’ve been busy!