Wow, I’m Normal (Mostly)

Husband and I attended the standard appointment with the OB yesterday. In the past five weeks I’ve gained three pounds, which brings my total weight gain for this pregnancy to only nine pounds. My blood pressure is just right. The baby’s heartbeat was in the 150s, which is perfect.

I poured my concerns out to the nurse and doctor, and I received validation that all I’m experiencing is completely normal and not a sign that I’m a falling-apart-fat-middle-aged woman.

They affirmed I’m doing the right thing by wearing wrist braces (mostly when I sleep). I was advised not to walk even a mile at one time, but to walk shorter distances more often to help avoid stress on joints. I was given a brochure for the Prenatal Cradle; this will help with back pain, leg and ankle swelling, hip separation and pubic symphysis, and vulvar varicosities. (Whew! This childbearing stuff is tough on the body.) Water exercise was suggested, and our complex has a nice pool I haven’t tried out yet.

I confided that I felt upset over failing the first glucose test. My doctor asked why, and I said I’d been trying so hard to eat right. She immediately clarified that gestational diabetes is induced by the placenta, something that’s hard to control, and that it’s not my fault. She agreed that I could just go directly to the nutritionist. However, after she described what’s involved — writing down everything I eat daily and pricking my finger four times a day to test blood sugar for a month — I decided maybe I could slog through the second glucose test. Who knows, maybe I’ll pass. Husband said he’ll come along and try to keep other people safe from me as I turn into a hungry raving monster.

Overall, my doctor said I’m doing very very well; she has patients younger than me on complete bedrest for pre-eclampsia for the remainder of their pregnancies. I asked her when I’ll really start to show, and she said about 34 weeks. She said in my situation I look proportional because my breast development has kept pace with the uterus, but soon I should “pop.” (One day a woman in the grocery store recognized I’m pregnant and let me go ahead of her; I beamed. Then I got a haircut and mentioned I’m 27 weeks along, and the hairdresser said, “You don’t look pregnant.” I assume she meant well, but my hormonal perspective heard, “You don’t look pregnant, you just look like an obese woman.”) The doctor’s assurance made me feel much better.

Then I went home and did a half hour of gentle prenatal yoga. I’m still cumbersome and slow, but I feel a bit better about this. And Little One, well, she’s wriggling and dancing to her heart’s content.

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4 Comments on “Wow, I’m Normal (Mostly)”

  1. Eden Says:

    Let me tell you, with H I had one of those belts, the plain old under-the-belly belt, and it made a world of difference, especially when we went out & I had to do some walking. You wouldn’t think it works but it does. I found plus-size ones on the shelf at Babies R Us (regular sizes were in short supply). It fit with tons of room to spare throughout the pregnancy. I would offer mine but there’s dog hair stuck in the Velcro. 🙂

  2. Brenda Says:

    You are COMPLETELY normal! I remember all of these feelings and saying so many times, “I’m just FAT!” My boyfriend would get a bit upset with me and tell me again that I was pregnant and beautiful, but it’s so hard to believe when you’re hormonal like you’ve never been before and have struggled with weight issues prior to getting pregnant in the first place. You’re doing great to have only gained 9 lbs! I gained like…45-50 lbs by using the excuse that I was pregnant, damnit, and I want it! No one wants to mess with a hungry, pregnant woman! LOL I’ll think positive thoughts that the next glucose test will go well. 🙂

  3. Liora Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that everything is normal. I didn’t know you already had the wrist braces. Good for you for wearing them, and only at night. That’s what they told me, too. Hopefully once you have this little baby everything will truly go back to your normal pre-baby state. It sounds like you’re right on track! Happy weekend.

  4. GreenishLady Says:

    I’m so glad you’ve had the reassurance of your doctor and nurse. It’s the most natural thing to go around thinking “I’m not normal”, it seems, so it’s just so good to get the reassurance of the people who deal with many pregnant women. I’ll be wishing you well through all the coming weeks.