Imagine My Surprise

Husband may have been exposed to a coworker with chicken pox. Although he had it as a child and has immunity, if he was exposed he may be shedding the virus. I had chicken pox — barely — at five months of age. I’ve always assumed I had immunity. I had a two-part blood test last week; the first result is in and shows that I do not have immunity. Whatever immunity I had probably kept me from getting a stronger case of it as a child but wore off. I must wait to see what the second test results are and keep myself away from places of exposure. It’s pretty unnerving to learn this!

Here is information on chicken pox during pregnancy.

I kind of want to go live in a bubble now. Remember The Boy in the Bubble? There was a 1970s movie starring John Travolta too.

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2 Comments on “Imagine My Surprise”

  1. acm Says:

    eesh, I had what I thought was a spider bite, and only found out it was shingles after taking a good friend out looking at wedding dresses — the friend had never had pox (and got ’em), and I can’t bring myself to even think about other people who might have tried on dresses after we left…

  2. donna Says:

    I got chicken pox as an adult when my kids both had it. I get shingles outbreaks once in a while. There’s a vaccine for it now, but I haven’t tried it yet. Supposedly it makes outbreaks pretty rare.