That Blade Pressed

God is a filter, a polaroid lens that blanks out all the wild colors and fabulous detail of nature. God obliterates randomness. God kills luck. God turns sharp-edged struggle into a tiresome parable. He’s the all-purpose explanation, the always-available excuse. He’s a big shrug of the shoulders, a cosmic palms-up gesture, a rabbit’s foot, a dodge, a shot of morphine, a handful of Prozac. He’s beige. He’s boring, and he makes people boring and life boring.

Life is real. Nature is real. Death is real. It’s not shadows on a wall, it’s not an illusion or a test or a phase we pass through. Life is dangerous and exciting and that blade pressed against jugular isn’t a ticket to paradise it’s the real threat of the real end. And when you accept that, when you accept that you’re playing the game with real money, life gets so much more interesting.

God smooths the rough edges. I don’t want the edges smoothed.

— M. Takhallus, Sideways Mencken

Thanks to Euan at The Obvious? for pointing out this quote.

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3 Comments on “That Blade Pressed”

  1. tallasiandude Says:

    I like it — it’s a valuable perspective.

    It kind of reminds me of Penn Jillette’s “This I believe” essay, but perhaps with a slightly more gentle approach. (It is Penn Jillette, after all.)

  2. acm Says:

    interesting. some of me likes it, and some of me thinks this is a limited view of how God can act in your life — for me, he doesn’t smooth the edges at all: he pricks me out of my complacency, challenges me to be/do more, pushes me to the limit when I’d rather not go.

    ah, the infinite forms of the abstract!

  3. donna Says:

    Spoken like a true Taoist. ;^)