I’ve been on a knitting kick. I’m nesting, or something. I just finished making a felted bag I started June 2006. I also made a small felted bowl out of some stash yarn.

felted noro bag after

Noro Kureyon, 100% wool, 100 meters (50 grams): 4 skeins, colorway 147, 153, and 2 others (I lost the label); 1 skein of Crystal Palace Fizz, 100% polyester, 120 yards (50 grams), color 7122; knit on size 11 needles. Pattern used:

small felted bowl

Finished size: 3 inches tall x 3.75 inches diameter (16 inches circumference). Made with two strands held together of a skein of Cascade 220 (220 yards, 100% wool) and a two strands held together of a ball of Crystal Palace Aran Marl (102 yards, 100% wool, color 3005) on size 15 circular 16" needles and size 15 dpns.

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6 Comments on “Compelled”

  1. Laurel Says:

    The bowl is seriously cool.

    You KNITTED the bowl???

    How damned cool. I didn’t know one could knit a bowl.


    The nesting you mention….when you go into full nesting mode, you’ll know. And apparently, it is THE signal that baby’s birth is imminent. Of course, I can’t speak from personal experience, but all of my friends have related stories of cleaning houses from top to bottom, of completely redecorating rooms, of organizing cluttered spaces in the day or hours before labor began.

    Gosh, it makes me smile to know you’re going to be a mother.

    Heck, I guess you already are.

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Yeah, knitting is amazing. Have you ever accidentally washed a wool sweater in the machine? If so, you know it came out shrunken and fuzzy. Well, essentially what I did is knit a hat on bigger needles than usual and then washed it in hot water for about 50 minutes. That’s the result!

    I’ve heard similar stories about the nesting/birth tendency. And I’ll tell Fait you say hello. 😉

  3. leah Says:

    oh wow!!! these are beautiful! i love them.

    when i told the fiansor about the nesting instinct he couldn’t stop laughing as he was imagining me flying around with string and sticks in my mouth. hehe

  4. Sujatin Says:

    Gorgeous knitting – you are inspiring me.

    The day before my second baby arrived in the early hours I went into overdrive – made curtains, cleaned the whole flat and made 20lb marmalade.

  5. acm Says:

    that bag is fantastic. thanks for sharing!

  6. Paul Sunstone Says:

    I am seriously in love with that bowl! How do I get on your Christmas list? 🙂