A Little Crafty

At the beginning of my pregnancy I’d seen a journal called The Belly Book. It seemed like a sweet idea, but I didn’t buy it right away. By the end of the first trimester I did get it, but I held off on filling this in until after the amniocentesis. Now I’m immersed. There’s a space for a photo of me every week. I don’t have photos of me from the beginning, and I take them every couple of weeks, so there’s a lot of blank space. I’m putting other images from calendars and children’s books that chronicle the pregnancy (such as when we packed and moved, when we found out baby is a girl, etc.)

belly book pregnancy journal 1
belly book pregnancy journal 3
belly book pregnancy journal 2
belly book pregnancy journal 4
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One Comment on “A Little Crafty”

  1. Susan Says:

    Your baby pictures (ultrasound photos?) are so sweet. That large one is so clear. She’s a doll!