An Invitation to Play

Shortly over a year ago I mentioned that I was going to explore a book on creativity written by Eric Maisel. I didn’t follow it daily, but I found the ideas and exercises interesting.

Well, just a few days ago I was contacted by his publicist asking me if I’d be interested in participating in a “blog tour” for his upcoming book, Ten Zen Seconds. It’s a type of marketing that seems collaborative and mutually beneficial. I thought it would be rather fun. I’ll get to know other bloggers who focus on similar interests, become acquainted with the author, and get a free book out of the deal!

In a couple of months, I will interview Eric about his book as it relates to a topic of interest to me. As I develop this I’ll keep you posted. And once the Ten Zen Seconds blog tour page is updated, I’ll post a link to that instead. It will be a trove of resources on creativity.

For general information on Eric Maisel, you might visit his website, too.

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2 Comments on “An Invitation to Play”

  1. marta Says:

    Hey, I’ve got one of his books! How did his publicist find your blog? I can’t wait for the interview…

  2. Kathryn Says:

    You know, I didn’t ask her. I imagine she Googled key words (mindfulness, zen, meditation) and my blog came up in the results. Maybe I’ll write and ask.