Stella Napping

This is one of the last photos I took over at the old house. While our new home is very nice, it does not get the abundant sunlight all over as the other did. I miss that.

napping in the sun
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2 Comments on “Stella Napping”

  1. Emy Says:

    Yeah, we don’t get the same light either, and I also miss it. I’m hoping that this bodes well for the summer heat, though it would probably be nice to have some extra heat right now as I’m always freezing. :O

    Plus, how the heck are the kitties going to charge the solar cells in their tummies??? 😉

  2. Kathryn Says:

    In my case there is one room that gets sunlight (though I don’t know how this will change as the seasons change), so they have one place to recharge. But my goodness, they’ve adapted well and seem to think this place is just as wonderful. 🙂

    We have no AC at all, and it’s a 3-story town home. There is a skylight that opens in the loft which we assume (once we figure out how to open it) will have a chimney effect and pull the heat out. We hope. There are fewer windows here by far, so the ventilation will be compromised. *sigh* Let’s hope there isn’t a bloody hot summer coming.