Just More About Moving

Every day for the past week (or more) I’ve received an email notice to “spare the air” by not burning firewood, reducing car trips, and so on. There have been 24 incidences this winter alone where we have exceeded the limit; that is, air quality has been less than good. Today I had to go out briefly, and as I drove I could see haze hanging in the streets. At a stoplight I looked over to some houses and saw haze wafting in the yards. It’s ugly. You can’t see the mountains.

I’m a little cross, because the reason I went out was to meet a painter at our new home so he could inspect what needs painting. He didn’t show, so I called him. He said he couldn’t make it, that he tried to come by at 3 p.m. instead but no one was there. I reminded him we don’t live there yet and an advance call would have been appreciated. We rescheduled for noon tomorrow, but I’m going to let Husband deal with that. Also, English is his second language; it’s very hard to understand him, and I’m not entirely confident he understands what is said to him.

Packing continues. It’s the story of my life. Most of the house is finished. We have our bedroom almost done. The bathrooms and kitchen will be packed this weekend. We always take stuff over if we go to the house. I’m feeling punky again today, almost zero energy. I’ll be happy when this move is over and we are somewhat unpacked! (The thought of unpacking tires me even more, though.)

I believe Internet access is going away Saturday for a few days. Given that the only thing I have to say seems to be about packing and feeling unwell, you can expect silence here for a short while.

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8 Comments on “Just More About Moving”

  1. Fran aka Redondowriter Says:

    Kathryn, as much hassle as it is to move, it’s exciting, too, isn’t it? How ironic that your current place became available, but like you commented, the place you are moving to is bigger. Stay healthy; that’s an order!

  2. Winston Says:

    It is always good top get a move behind you so you can get on with the exciting new part of your life. Will be watching for your return. Drop around to see us for some laughs when you need a break. We’ll have some lemonade ready…

  3. Sally Says:

    Here’s a great website, by an IRAQI in Iraq…enjoy!

  4. gerry rosser Says:

    Moving is such a chore.
    Thanks for visiting me at Flickr!

  5. gerry rosser Says:

    I feel I’ve known you long enough to designate you bot “friend” and “family” at Flickr. The only significance of this is you will be able to see the pictures of my little granddaughter, whereas the general public can’t.
    I know, it’s annoying I’m so proud of her.

  6. gerry rosser Says:

    I’ve designated you both “friend” and “family” on Flickr. This is primarily so you can see (and I can show off) the pictures of my little granddaughter which are not open to the public. Hope you don’t mind.

  7. gerry rosser Says:

    Sorry to load up your comment list like that. Something weird was happening, and my computer did not show that either of the above two posts, well, posted, until this morning.
    Hope the move is going well. Having moved several times in the last 13 years, including just over a year ago (well, less than a year if you count moving my honey’s store (the stuff, not the building!) to a different location, I know what you are going through.

  8. Marilyn Says:

    Hope the move is going smoothly…here’s to feeling settled in your new place…