Oh, the Irony

Yesterday we signed the lease for our new place. Today we were packing with our friends, and the landlord called. It seems as though they won’t be needing the house for their son after all — maybe. They were offering to let us stay longer because something had come up in his life, and the inference was that he’d not likely make it to the Bay Area. After we move they plan to paint inside and replace the carpeting and rent it out again.

I had a feeling there might be a turn of events like this one!

Of course, we wouldn’t stay without a lease, and they wouldn’t have agreed to that. And we’re moving into a bigger home; it’s all good.

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One Comment on “Oh, the Irony”

  1. Meera Jaishankar Says:

    All’s well that ends well! If it’s not well, its not the end 🙂
    Good luck on your new home!